COVID-19 Update

A message to our Guests & travel trade partners

As we continue to confront the complexities of COVID-19, our way of life has shifted significantly in the last few months. And, despite the negative impacts, we remain deeply motivated by the diverse ways in which people across the world adapt and support each other. For the time being, we would like to update you on the new health and hygiene initiatives that we have developed to give guests peace of mind about future stays and the extra flexibility that we offer with all new reservations so that you can book with confidence.

Revised Postponement Policy

Until further notice, any existing bookings travelling during the period 10 May to 20 December 2020 can be postponed up until 30 March 2022, subject to availability.  Except for the 2021 festive season (20 December 2021 to 05 January 2022 which may attract a surcharge), postponed bookings are not subject to seasonality or inflation-related surcharges.  All postponed bookings will, however, be subject to any concession fee surcharges as imposed by the relevant authorities.

Revised Cancellation Policy

Until further notice, our cancellation policy will be amended as follows:

FIT’s:  Full payment required at least 14 days prior to arrival
If cancelled 14 days or less prior to arrival 100% cancellation fee

Group’s: Full payment required at least 30 days prior to arrival
If cancelled 30 days or less prior to arrival 100% cancellation fee

Last Minute changes (within 14 days) due to Covid-19

We are aware that occasionally, last-minute changes may be needed due to COVID-19, such a suddenly-imposed ‘travel decree/ban’, or a personal COVID-19 diagnosis or denied boarding. Please outline the specific circumstances to us. In the case of a travel ban, we will offer 100% refund or postponement. In the case of a personal COVID-19 issue, we are happy to hold any payment as a credit towards future travel.

Standard Cancellation Policy for Postponed Bookings

For all postponed bookings, our standard cancellation policy will apply for the new chosen dates of travel.

2021 RATES

Coming Soon.

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