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Effortless comfort and elegance combine with spacious accommodation and personalised, intuitive service to provide unrivalled hospitality in the Zambezi forest.

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luxury suites

Located adjacent to each other, five sets of paired, luxury standard suites offer secluded comfort, while two sets of four family-friendly suites are positioned for individual privacy, yet also allowing for external interconnectivity of the suites through the veranda.

MBANO Forest Villa

Located in a private corner of the estate, this exclusive residence boasts its own gardens, and plunge pool. A king-size bedroom is accessible from the comfortable lounge area, which can serve as a private function or reception area.


Immersive Experiences

Flight of Angels

Gaze down on the mighty Victoria Falls from the air. The mighty  Zambezi River flows slowly with hippos clearly visible in the shallow waters as you observe them from a birds-eye view. Marvel at the magnificent funnel of gorges that the plunging sheets of water sprays into.

Wander in the wild

Admire African wildlife from an open game-viewing 4x4. Our expert guides will drive you through the Victoria Falls National Park and Zambezi National Park where you will be captivated by sightings of the big 5 and many more species of wildlife in their natural habitat.


A sunset cruise upstream on the Zambezi river is the ultimate end to a day at the Victoria Falls. Relax in the company of hippos, crocodiles and a wide range of African birdlife can be seen on land and in the water. Other game sightings include elephants, giraffes, buffalo, wildebeest and impala.

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Defined by Interiors boasting effortless old-world comfort combined with modern amenities, supported by touches of nature and stone. Ancient teak trees dominate the large garden setting.

THE Lounge

Guests can relax in the luxury of the main hotel with in comfortable surroundings,  and a private garden shielded by green vegetation wall and a soothing water fountain. The informal lounge leads to a large veranda which overlooks the main hotel gardens and pool area.


A large teak tree defines the relaxed bar area, offering outddor and indoor café seating. Guests can mix drinks to their liking at the bar, or enjoy service from our friendly staff.  The café area of the bar serves breakfast daily.


Escape from the African heat in the late afternoons with a dip in our swimming pool. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail or light meal while relaxing to the soothing sounds of nature.

Victoria Falls through the eyes of our guests
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