Management Services

African Inspiration offers owners of lodges and boutique hotels hospitality management services in which guest experiences come first. Everything we do always starts with the question of how it will improve the experience for the guest.

Passion for Performance - Why?

Lodges and hotels achieve better results when better managed. Businesses, even smaller ones,  are getting more complex and competition is increasing from well-resourced corners. In order to excel, each aspect of your business needs to be best in class. This can possibly be done as a standalone although sharing resources and having access to skilled specialists with experience will guarantee this.

Passion for innovation - How?

African Inspiration adds value to lodges and hotel owners through a team of experts that focus on different aspects of your business, a proven set of procedures and systems that improve profitability and create long term capital growth.

Passion for business - What?

African Inspiration focuses on small to medium sized lodges and hotels of up to 50 rooms in prime tourism locations that are operating, or have the potential to operate, at a 4-star or 5-star level at value for money rates.

We form long term relationships to maximise benefits for all stakeholders. African Inspiration’s management starts with an assessment of your business to determine that there is, or can be, a fit between your property and the African Inspiration Brand and that we can add sufficient value.


This starts with how we present lodges and boutique hotels on our website, via social media and to the travel trade through to reservations and finally during the stay itself. Our Sales & Marketing team is well respected by the Travel Trade, opening previously closed doors. By increasing digital presence we create awareness and form a community with past and future guests.

Give your asset the leadership, hospitality expertise and financial acumen to succeed. Contact us directly to discuss the specifics of your project and our ideas for maximising its commercial potential.

Business Development

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